Sophie Simmons

Posted by Cik Apple | Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sophie Simmons
Sophie Simmons's (Sophie Tweed-Simmons) Biography.

Sophie Simmons was born on July 7, 1992. Sophie Simmons studied at Wildwood School in Los Angeles and is described by Spohie Simmons's teachers as an outstanding student. Previously, Sophie Simmons performed in a school play called Into the Woods. Sophie Simmons also played a small role in the film No Contest II, which featured Sophie Simmons's mother, Shannon Tweed. In addition, she is very fond of music, swimming and riding her horse, Pablo.

One of Sophie Simmons's favorite hobbies is volleyball. Sophie Simmons plays for the Sports Shack Club Team all around California, and is also the setter/co-captain of her school's volleyball team. When Sophie Simmons not hitting the ball around, Sophie Simmons can usually be found playing soccer, dancing, running track, or snowboarding.

More about Sophie Simmons:
Sophie Simmons starred as herself on the reality television show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. As the real daughter of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed , Sophie Simmons positively displayed her charisma and Sophie Simmons's innate daredevil persona in the duration of the show.

Sophie Simmons also popular with Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Here some synopsis for Gene Simmons Family Jewels, A docusoap following the family life of Gene Simmons, which include his longtime girlfriend, Shannon Tweed, a former Playmate of the Year, and their two children starring Sophie Simmons.

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Sophie Simmons


Herndon Festival 2009

Posted by Cik Apple | Saturday, May 30, 2009

Herndon Festival
The Herndon Festival is coming. This year, Herndon Festival will feature:

* Live Entertainment on Three Stages
* Carnival Rides and Games
* Fireworks Displays on Thursday and Saturday
* Arts & Crafts Show including a Fine Arts Division
* Children's Entertainment
* Children's Hands-On Art Activities
* Business Exposition
* 10k & 5k Races (at the Herndon Community Center)
* K9 2-K & Doggie Expo (at the Herndon Community Center)
* Model Railway Exhibit
* International Foods

The Herndon Festival offers plenty of family-friendly fun throughout the weekend, including artists, food vendors, music, and face painting. Tonight, the Legwarmers, the area’s favorite ’80s cover band, are playing during Herndon Festival

Herndon Festival also bring The Legwarmers, Ruthie Foster and Eric Scott for Herndon Festival first day. On second day, Herndon Festival bring Lenka, Luke Brindley, and Leaving Texas.Saturday Night, Herndon Festival bring you Glen Burtnik and Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. On last day of Herndon Festival there will be Fat Ammons Band and Still Surfin.

Sunday May 31, Herndon Festival bring you Top Chef contestant and Alchemy Caterers owner Carla Hall will be dishing out grilling tips at Wagshal’s Market (4845 Massachusetts Ave, NW) as part of DC’s Grill Masters series. Entrance to the event, which runs from 11:30 to 12:30, costs $10.

Fifty Virginia wineries will offer unlimited pours of more than 300 wines at the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville. Vendors will serve cheese and other goods to pair with wine, and local artists will sell crafts and artwork.

The CoolOut, a popular party on the Beacon Hotel’s rooftop that started last year, is kicking off its summer series on Sunday afternoon. Head to the hotel anytime from 3 to 9 for DJs, prizes, drink specials, and more.

Herndon Festival was many years ago by pure accident, when we ordered a pizza to pick up from the middle of Herndon and didn't realize the festival would make getting there and back almostimpossible. In the hours it took us to retrieve dinner, I got a good look at all the goings-on. Lots fun for the whole family at Herndon Festival, even the littlest ones. Be sure to park and take advantage of the shuttles so you don't repeat my pizza debacle. Shuttles stop at Worldgate Shopping Center and Herndon High School. If you not going anywhere this weekend, make sure bring your family to Herndon Festival. Dont miss it because Herndon Festival just once a year.

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Also for who want to know the exactly where The Herndon Festival will be, just grab this Aerial Photography Map of Herndon, Virginia 2008 VA for Virginia.

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Enjoy your weekend.( Ferndon Festival )

Herndon Festival


Food Lovers Fat Loss System Review
Food Lovers Fat Loss System
created by Robert Ferguson. Robert Ferguson site says, You can eat all your favorite foods all day long and reduce your waistline every week, but that is exactly what Robert Ferguson promises with his Food Lovers Fat Loss System. This ways is nice, but Robert Ferguson what promises this fat loss diet program.

Americans love to eat anyway, the concept of the Food Lovers Fat Loss System is exactly that: eat a lot foods that burn your fat and also promote weight loss. There's a lot of buzz about eating out at restaurants, fat loss system and weight loss. I think that's pretty ridiculous. It's really hard to lose weight eating a lot of sugar and fat at fast food restaurants. For food lovers, fat loss isn't found at fast food restaurants, fat is found there.

For food lover fat loss, fast food restaurants cant manage your fat loss or weight reduction. They can add them into a Joy of Weight Loss Food System. Best to eat grilled food, not fried. Salad, not fries. Limit the fries and heavy meat! A little goes a long way.

Food Lovers Fat Loss System promotes health and well being through motivation, smart nutrition, and yes, exercise. The trick to a slimmer waistline and fat loss is controlling food portions, a key emphasis of Robert Ferguson's fat loss diet program. The diet also focuses on food combination that help with fat loss or weight loss.

Please do not think that if you are trying to lose weight you can never eat out. The trick is when dining at a restaurant, make healthier choices and immediately cut the portion in half and ask the server to put it in a take-out container for your lunch or dinner tomorrow.

Cutting portion sizes and taking half with you will give you two meals, also can save your budget, and keep you within your Joy of Weight Loss Food System. Picking healthier foods will help loss fat for food lovers.

Choose broiled, grilled, steamed or baked instead of deep-fat fried or butter sautéed. Have less meat and more vegetables. Have none or fewer carbs like limiting bread and baked-sweets, and eating more fruits. Wine and drinks with alcohol have lots of sugar and calories, I'm only saying limit those, but not delete exaclty.

What's your favorite fast food restaurant, and what do you like to order?
Post a comment below, and tell where and what, please!

I suggest to watch this Fat Loss Coach Video & Audio Tape Set : Customized Fat Loss System ~ {One on One with America's Nutritional Pro Video & Ten Laws of the Lean Audio Cassette Tape} or The Firm: Body Sculpting System - Ab Sculpt and read this Vitamins and Weight Loss: How Vitamins Affect Fat Burning Exercises, Bariatric Surgery, and Obesity Related Diseases (Journal of Personalized and Systems Medicine)

Food Lovers Fat Loss System Review