Papyrus Font

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Papyrus is a book advised by American Chris Costello, a abounding clear designer, illustrator, and web designer, in 1982 and appear the abutting year to branch Letraset. It was originally hand-drawn over a aeon of six months by agency of calligraphy pen and textured paper. Costello declared his ambition as a chantry that would represent what English colloquial would accept looked like if accounting on card 2000 years ago. Card has a cardinal of characteristic animal touches, including asperous edges, aberrant curves, and aerial accumbent acclamation in the capitals. ITC, the accepted buyer of the typeface, describes it as an "unusual roman book [that] finer merges the breeding of a acceptable roman letterform with the hand-crafted attending of awful accomplished calligraphy."

The chantry face is acclimated for the appellation of the television affairs The Crocodile Hunter, on bottles of AriZona algid tea, and on all of the anthology covers and abundant of the commodity of the bandage Lamb of God. Card is additionally generally acclimated anywhere a somewhat aged attending ability be desired, such as on biking information. Due to its different presentation and boundless circulation, abounding clear designers, including Papyrus' originator, feel the book to be overused. To wit, see the 'Papyrus Sighting Blog' articulation below.

Elsner & Flake publishes Card EF Alternatives, which appears to be the chantry acclimated in the case to the right. Its differences accommodate a shorter, bluff basic P, a basic E with a top bar best than the average bar, and a boil A.

According to the January 2009 copy of HOW magazine, the Card book is the clearest adumbration that a accurate architecture was done by an amateur,[dubious – discuss] or afore 1990. Among austere clear designers and architecture critics, the book has become an industry-wide central antic because of its abounding use by desktop publishers and non-professionals.

Papyrus is one of those fonts that are far too popular for their own good. I cannot for instance recount the number of times it is being (mis)used for copyright notices or titles in digital pictures. Some people even use it for PowerPoint presentations. That is why it is one of the typefaces that made it to my list of interesting fonts.

What does Papyrus look like?

What do you use Papyrus for?

Its handcrafted and irregular, rough look as well as its high horizontal strokes give Papyrus a distinct look that lends itself well for display type. It is especially suitable for anything that needs to look a bit antique. Unfortunately this typeface has been overused in the past decade so many people are currently bored with it.
The history of Papyrus

Chris Costello, a designer and illustrator, created Papyrus using a calligraphy pen and textured paper. His intent was to create a typeface that looked as if written on papyrus 2000 years ago. Letraset released the typeface in 1983. It is now owned by ITC.


We Take The Cup Cake

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 25 /PRNewswire/ -- On Thursday, May 28th at 9PM ET & 10PM PT, We Take The Block will be one of the businesses featured on the CNBC appropriate blue-blooded "The Oprah Effect." Carl Quintanilla explores the secrets of accepting on Oprah, the appulse on businesses of actuality featured by Oprah and how this alleged Oprah Effect transforms brands into big business.

We Take The Cake, a bazaar bakery amid in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, was advantageous abundant to accept had its Gourmet Key Adhesive bundt block called as one of "Oprah's Favorite Things" in 2004. The appulse of accepting had a artefact or business featured on Oprah has back become accepted as "The Oprah Effect." "People are absorbed by 'The Oprah Effect,'" said Lori Karmel, We Take The Cake's owner. "Nobody can put a aggregation on the map the way Oprah Winfrey can."

Lori Karmel purchased We Take The Cake, a asleep block business, in 2002. Karmel knew the business because she had bought her son's altogether block there. The business struggled afterwards 9/11 and fabricated its aboriginal bashful accumulation of $19 in June of 2004. Then came "the call" from The Oprah Winfrey Show. The bakery's gourmet Key Adhesive Bundt Block with key adhesive chrism cheese frosting was actuality advised by Oprah as one of her Favorite Things. Back the block fabricated the final cut for the show, "It was like acceptable the lottery," said Karmel. Karmel had no abstraction what would appear back the "Oprah's Favorite Things Show" aired. The appulse was actual and aural hours We Take The Cake's website was overwhelmed.

Almost 5 years later, We Take The Block is still thriving. Its gourmet cakes accept been featured on The Food Network's "Challenge," "Unwrapped" and "Road Tasted." This accomplished December, In Style Magazine called We Take The Cake's Prize-Winning Chocolate Layer Block as one of "the best mail adjustment cakes." Now their beautifully busy cupcakes are accessible for civic aircraft too.

We Take The Cakes' gourmet items can be activate on-line at, at all Florida Whole Foods Markets, at, and Field of Flowers stores. We Take The Block will additionally anon activate testing a new "cupcake and ice cream" conception at ten Kilwin's confectionery shoppes.

We Take The Cake
1021 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Kavya Shivashankar

Kavya Shivashankar, a 13-year-old chat astrologer from Olathe, assuredly captured the Scripps National Spelling Bee championship Thursday.

Try this to become Champ How to Spell Like a Champ

After six years of inhaling dictionaries chat by word, abstraction their meanings, belief their roots and perfecting their pronunciations, she baffled 292 competitors and aced 40 words to abduction a award-winning that has eluded her in three antecedent final appearances.

“It’s been my dream for so long, I aloof can’t accept it’s absolutely happened,” Kavya said afterward.

The eighth-grader from California Trail Junior High School maintained a air-conditioned aplomb throughout all 16 circuit of the competition.

She appeared to apperceive every chat as anon as she heard it, allurement alone a few questions about roots and meanings.

Indeed, alone one chat aback in the fourth round, “ergasia,” addled her. It agency any anatomy of activity, abnormally mental.

“But I came up with the basis and was able to get the word,” she said.

Then came her brand scribbling of the chat with her feel beyond the approach of her duke to analysis herself. Then she nailed it.

“She has absurd address and composure,” said Paul Loeffler, a above adversary who serves as ESPN’s blush analyst for its bee coverage. “Rarely do you see her attending afraid or panicked. She has a adroitness about her that I anticipate all the added competitors admit and attending up to.”

Kavya’s celebration afore a nationally televised admirers on ABC and adjoin some annealed antagonism came bottomward to “Laodicean,” an alienation to adoration or politics.

Kavya paid accolade to her ancestor and coach, Mirle Shivashankar.

“My dad absolutely helped me,” she said. “I couldn’t accept done this afterwards him.”

“Wonderful” is how he declared his daughter’s achievement. But he had collywobbles throughout.

“No amount how abounding years we come,” he said, “it’s consistently there.”

Kavya, who hopes to become a neurosurgeon, which elicited a loud acclaim from the admirers during a post-bee interview, will booty home $30,000 in cash, a $5,000 scholarship, a $2,500 accumulation band and an Encyclopaedia Britannica advertence collection.

Plus a big gold trophy.The National Spelling Bee has become every bit the tension-racked antic event.Spellers ranged in age from 9 to 15. About bisected were in eighth grade, but one was in third. The girl-boy breach was about even.

They pumped their fists back acknowledged and sometimes active their faces in their easily back they were at sea. They all knew their limits.

“I approved my best,” said Kennyi Kwaku Aouad, 13, of Terre Haute, Ind., afterwards missing a decidedly alarming “palatschinken,” a clabber pancake.

Thirteen-year-old Neetu Chandak of Seneca Falls, N.Y., took a ache at “derriengue,” but bound added, “Ding,” accouterment her own absurdity alarm afore the absolute one rang.

Dealt the tongue-twister, “hydrargyrum,” which agency the aspect mercury, Kavya apparent it by additionally asking, “Does it appear from the Greek ‘hydro,’ acceptation water?”

Earlier in the day during the semifinals, things got asperous quickly. The 293 had been whittled to 41.

Words like Barbotte. Skeuomorph. Gastaldo. Dansant. Kichel. Eurostomatous. Hyalithe. Macle. Sievert. Crystophene.

Noah Webster ability accept alike befuddled in the towel.

Only one out of the aboriginal 10 spellers in the additional semifinal annular survived. And things didn’t get any easier.

“Nice!” said Serena Sky Laine-Lobsinger, with apparent acrimony back she heard her word, “hercocirvus,” which agency a allegorical half-stag, half-goat creature.

But the 13-year-old album from West Palm Beach, Fla., managed to gut it out. She did what abounding of them do: “If you don’t apperceive the word, spell it absolutely like it sounds,” Loeffler said.

That didn’t assignment out for Brent Henderson, 14, of Blue Springs. In his additional National Spelling Bee, Brent stumbled on “cicatrize,” which agency to alleviate by basic a scar.

Kavya, meanwhile, said her alone affairs appropriate now are to relax. Still …

“I’m activity to absence spelling,” she said. “It’s been a big allotment of my life.”


1. blood-warm or aloof in adoration or politics

2. Kavya Shivashankar’s admission to spelling stardom

Kavya’s words

Round 1: Written test

Round 2: disciples

Round 3: mesophilic

Round 4: ergasia

Round 5: kurta

Round 6: escritoire

Round 7: hydrargyrum

Round 8: blancmange

Round 9: baignoire

Round 10: huisache

Round 11: ecossaise

Round 12: diacoele

Round 13: bouquiniste

Round 14: isagoge

Round 15: phoresy

Round 16: Laodicean

Spelling Bee Brainiac: 600 Spelling Challenges for Word Amateurs and Experts Ages 10 and Up (Kaplan Brainiac)

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Piano/Vocal/Chords)

Kavya Shivashankar


Google Wave

Posted by Cik Apple | Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Wave
There will be plenty written in the next few weeks about Bing – the re-named, re-developed Microsoft search engine that Redmond hopes might, just, finally, allow it to grab back some of Google’s market share and web advertising clout.

Maybe it will, maybe it won’t, but at the end of the day, it’s just a search engine. SO last phase of the internet.

The irony is that while Microsoft is effectively proving to the world that it is playing catch-up – even if there may be a few technological innovations in Bing – Google, meanwhile, is presenting a convincing vision of the next big thing on the web.

Two big announcements from this week’s Google Developer Conference show that the company appears to be well ahead of Microsoft in its thinking.

First, Google demonstrated how it plans to use HTML 5 – the new version of the ubiquitous web development language that is aimed at allowing the creation of browser-based applications that rival operating-system based software for functionality and usability.

As the web becomes the way that consumers and business use technology, so it makes sense to develop your applications for a browser rather than a complex, hardware-bound environment like, ooh, Windows for example.

Next comes Google Wave, a tool that has been created to answer the question: “What would email look like if we set out to invent it today?" according to Google software engineering manager Lars Rasmussen.

If you want more technical details, I will happily defer to the excellent Tim O’Reilly in his blog entry here, but in essence Google Wave is about redesigning our everyday communication and collaboration tools, such as email and instant messaging, for a future in the cloud.

Wave allows developers to build applications for real-time collaboration and interaction. It claims to try to mimic the way we interact face to face. And it brings together every major internet and technology trend, from cloud to social media to wikis to email and more, into a coherent, managed, human-oriented concept.

Let’s face it, at no time in the history of IT has software been developed with the way people naturally interact in mind – we have had to learn the ways to interact with software based upon the technological constraints of the time.

I can’t honestly say I’ve been excited about the emergence of a new search engine, and particularly a new search brand, at any time in my IT career.

But the vision that Google is this week presenting of a new model of software applications oriented around the web and around real-time real life, is the first time I’ve been vaguely excited by a new technology for a while.

It’s also a vision that doesn’t need PCs or bloated operating systems, doesn’t need hefty software development environments, and bypasses the need for complex PC-based applications. In short, a vision that doesn’t need what Microsoft has been so good at for the past 30 years.

Microsoft is going Bing, but if it doesn’t open its eyes it might one day soon be going bang.

Google Wave is a new communication service previewed today at Google I/O. "A wave is equal parts conversation and document, where people can communicate and work together with richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more."

The service seems to combine Gmail and Google Docs into an interesting free-form workspace that could be used to write documents collaboratively, plan events, play games or discuss a recent news.

Google Wave has been designed by the founders of Where 2 Tech, a start-up acquired by Google to create a cutting-edge mapping service, which later became Google Maps.

"Back in early 2004, Google took an interest in a tiny mapping startup called Where 2 Tech, founded by my brother Jens and me. We were excited to join Google and help create what would become Google Maps. But we also started thinking about what might come next for us after maps. As always, Jens came up with the answer: communication. He pointed out that two of the most spectacular successes in digital communication, email and instant messaging, were originally designed in the '60s to imitate analog formats — email mimicked snail mail, and IM mimicked phone calls. Since then, so many different forms of communication had been invented — blogs, wikis, collaborative documents, etc. — and computers and networks had dramatically improved. So Jens proposed a new communications model that presumed all these advances as a starting point; I was immediately sold," explains Lars Rasmussen.

"In Google Wave you create a wave and add people to it. Everyone on your wave can use richly formatted text, photos, gadgets, and even feeds from other sources on the web. They can insert a reply or edit the wave directly. It's concurrent rich-text editing, where you see on your screen nearly instantly what your fellow collaborators are typing in your wave. That means Google Wave is just as well suited for quick messages as for persistent content -- it allows for both collaboration and communication. You can also use "playback" to rewind the wave to see how it evolved."Google promises that Google Wave will be available later this year.

Google Wave


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship is on the rocks because the couple has little in common, according to a new report.

Despite Brad denying claims he and Jolie are close to splitting, British newspaper The Sun has long report suggesting the couple, who raise six children together, is drifting apart because they both want different things in life.

The tabloid has listed its reasons why the couple’s relationship is close to breaking point:

There are apparently SEVEN obstacles to the couple’s domestic bliss:

ONE: Work commitments keep them apart - and exhausted.

TWO: She wants to adopt more kids, he doesn’t.

THREE: She employs her brother, Brad isn’t keen.

FOUR: Brad loves America’s west coast, Angelina prefers the east.

FIVE: Angie is intellectual, he’s not.

SIX: He is in touch with his ex-wife JENNIFER ANISTON.

SEVEN: His parents preferred Jen.

The couple have barely seen each other in recent months.

They have often found themselves in different countries or US states.

Then even when Angelina was filming new movie Salt in New York while Brad was with their children at their home in nearby Long Island, she stayed in a hotel.

A source adds, “Brad and Jen are still certainly in telephone contact. They will always be a part of each other’s lives.

“His parents loved Jennifer like a daughter and are still very close with her.

“Angie has never been as close. At Easter she was supposed to go to New Orleans to spend time with Brad’s family and the children but they ended up spending it apart.

“Angelina’s a sophisticated woman who is well-read, highly intellectual and interested in saving the world.

“With lots of her other exes she could talk for hours about politics and humanitarianism.

“But Brad is more of a guy’s guy. He likes to drink a few beers and watch sports. They’re opposites, really.”

But the insider insists that Brad and Angelina are “very committed parents and are really trying because they can’t imagine a life without the whole family being together.

“Brad has a heavy work schedule coming up and Angie plans to relax for a while with the kids once she’s finished her movie.

“Hopefully her down time will do them both the world of good and they will get back the sparkle when they get the chance to spend more time together.”


Clubhouse confidential: Infielder Mark DeRosa has heard the trade talk. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that he might be traded as the Indians try to improve their big-league pitching staff.

One may think that DeRosa, 34, and a veteran of eight years in the big leagues, would be used to such talk. It's not the case.

"I remember when the Cubs traded me to Cleveland over the winter, I had no idea it was happening," DeRosa said. "I'd heard my name mentioned in the Jake Peavy talks, but that had all died down.

"It's not something you get used to. I just try not to think about it."

Mike & Mike: Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg will do their ESPN "Mike & Mike" radio show today from 6 to 10 a.m. on the party deck in right field at Progressive Field. Mike Golic went to St. Joseph High School and Notre Dame.

Stat of the day: Here are the Indians' top five pitchers in franchise history, ranked by winning percentage: Cliff Lee, .639; Bartolo Colon, .625; Addie Joss, .623; Wes Ferrell, .622; and Bob Feller, .621. Pitchers had to have at least 1,000 innings to qualify.


Right under our noses, girls are trading oral sex for pretty shirts and sex for money.

For her new book and film Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss, Canadian journalist Sharlene Azam interviewed teenage and pre-teen girls about sexual attitudes and found many who use sex as currency.

Even in middle-class Canada, girls are being recruited — often by other teens — to provide sexual services to groups of men and boys.

“I was most surprised to learn that there are girls recruiting other girls,” Azam told Metro. “It is chilling to sit across from a teenage girl who talks about targeting a pretty, popular girl at her school because she thinks she has everything and is jealous of her.”

Parents often believe that their daughters are safe when they are at school, at the mall or chatting on the Internet.

But Azam found girls as young as 12 were actually giving oral sex to groups of boys and telling their parents they were hanging out with friends. All the boys had to do was say they “want a piece” of her, and she’d perform oral sex while the others watched, reports Azam, who splits her time between Los Angeles and Vancouver. She also interviewed girls who were willing to pose nude on their webcam and get paid to send the pictures to anonymous men.

“There is very little education or awareness of what is happening to girls because the problem is so new and it is well hidden.”

Why are girls today more promiscuous than in the past? “The Internet has sped up teens’ sexual willingness and behaviour,” says Azam. “Girls are surrounded by a hypersexualized culture where they are being groomed and encouraged to think of themselves as: Hooter’s Girl, Stripper, Porn Star. Exposure affects behaviour.”

Girls who are looking for attention know that a sexy video or picture can give them power and launch them into fame.

This behaviour can have long-term health effects. It could affect the girls’ ability to trust men later in life and to have normal, living relationships, says Azam, who is married with a young daughter. In addition, many girls are getting STDs. One public health nurse told her that at the four schools she visits, hundreds of kids have Chlamydia.

Azam suggests that parents pay close attention to their daughters during their teen years and have regular conversations with them about sex. “The parents that I interviewed wished they had paid attention to the warning signs. When you learn that your daughter has traded sex for $60 or has sold her virginity for $1,000, your whole life stops,” she says.


NEW YORK (AP) — The woman who fired a gun at President Gerald Ford in 1975 says in an interview that she believed the country would change only through a violent revolution.

Sara Jane Moore tells NBC's "Today" show that she now realizes the world did not share the radical views that many people held in California in those turbulent times.

The interview broadcast Thursday was her first TV interview since she was released on parole in late 2007, NBC said.

In September 1975, Moore, then 45, fired on Ford as he waved to a crowd in San Francisco. A man near her knocked the pistol out of her hand and the shot went astray.

On politics, she said she now knows she was hearing only one side of the story. The radicals were calling for change and she genuinely thought that shooting Ford "might trigger that new revolution."

Biography of Sara Jane Moore
In the span of 18 months, Sara Jane Moore went from being a housewife in Danville to a wannabe political assassin in San Francisco.
Moore, who in 1975 became the only female to fire a shot at the president of the United States (Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme aimed at President Gerald Ford three weeks before in Sacramento but never got off a round), is the enigmatic subject of local author Geri Spieler's new biography, "Taking Aim at the President."

Moore's attempt on Ford's life outside the St. Francis Hotel is steeped in local history. It occurred in the strange wake of Fromme's attempt and Patty Hearst's arrest; the man who tackled Moore, Oliver Sipple, became a reluctant gay-rights icon after it was learned that the Marine who saved the president's life was also homosexual.

Spieler, a journalist whom Moore first wrote to from her prison cell more than 30 years ago, details her tumultuous relationship with Moore and attempts to link the tell-tale signs of what makes a future assassin.

Yet not even psychiatrists and federal agents, who visited Moore in prison annually to pick at her psyche, could make sense of what led to the 45-year-old mother's murder attempt.

"You really can't underestimate who's a threat," Spieler said. "Sara Jane wasn't the stereotypical, 45-year-old white male, foreign-born loner. Her profile didn't fit."

Spieler portrays a complex woman of intelligence (140 IQ) who was seductive but bad at relationships (five marriages), and masterfully elusive (one prison escape in 1979). Moore had five children and got involved in the Bay Area's radical underground movement in the late '60s and early '70s, even working as an FBI informant.

On the morning of the attempt, Spieler recounts Moore driving from suburban Danville to San Francisco along Interstate 680, loading bullets into a .38-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver that she'd purchased hours earlier. Outside the St. Francis, Moore not only waited for the president, but also worried that she'd be late to pick up her son afterward.

How many would-be assassins have been distracted by maternal concerns?

Moore's bullet missed Ford by just six inches, Spieler reports. Had the gun's sights been properly adjusted, the president could have been killed.

"She figured, 'I'm a good shot. Let's go,' " Spieler said. "But if she'd tested it, it would have been a different piece of history."

Moore was released in 2007, and her whereabouts are unknown. But Spieler says Moore's unlikely profile forever changed the way the Secret Service investigates potential assassins.

"Sara Jane represents what we don't know about who will try to assassinate a president," Spieler said. "And that the Secret Service can never really let its guard down."


A very powerful earthquake has left at least one man dead after rocking homes in Honduras and Belize Thursday, collapsing structures and sparking panic in residents.

The powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Honduras Thursday and collapsed homes, killing at least one man in Pineda de la Lima, according to deputy director of Honduras' Permanent Emergency Commission Carlos Gonzalez.

The frightening quake sent residents running into the streets at 3:24 am. The epicenter of the quake, according to the Associated Press, was 80 miles northeast of La Ceiba, Honduras.

According to Gonzalez, the damage didn't stop at just homes: "Dozens of workers have been evacuated from factories in San Pedro Sula (in northern Honduras) because the buildings have cracks."

"There are cracks in the roads in several cities."

Electricity is out in many areas and water towers were found to have toppled over. A tsunami watch for the area, however, was canceled.

National Emergency Minister Melvin Hulse told residents via radio broadcast: "I urge you not to panic, but to remain calm. Your government is monitoring the situation and will be keeping you informed."


Powerball Numbers May 27 2009

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Powerball Numbers May 27 2009

Florida Powerball Has A Winner

Floriday lottery announced that there is one winner in Florida powerball. The winner ticket of the Florida powerball lottery gets $222 million dollars. Allison Nash and her daughter Virginia become the winners of this big sum. Check your powerball numbers, there are other winners as well.

According to Lakewood Ranch Herald Allison Nash and her daughter Virginia bought a $1 dollar ticket from cashier Mike McGrath at a Chevron convenience store on State Road 70 near Lorraine Road. They already knew what they would do if they become the winner of the Florida powerball. They would buy a horse.

Wednesday Florida powerball 222 million dollar jackpot was the largest in Florida's history since the state lottery joined Powerball on Jan. 4, according to the Florida Lottery. Florida lottery outlets have indicated that on Wednesday the sales of the Florida powerball lottery tickets had been very brisk as people had hoped to win the powerball.

Here are the Florida powerball numbers.

On May 27 of 2009 the Florida powerball drawing results and winning numbers are 5-6-12-16-21 PB7 PP X 3. The next Florida lottery draw date is May 30, 2009 and the jackpot is $20 million dollars.

In Wednesday's Florida powerball lottery there were also 3 winners who will best $200,000 dollars. 28 winners will get $10,000 dollars and 567 winners will get 100 dollars. There are also smaller winners that will get from 3 to 7 dollars.

Florida lottery says that the jackpot prize will be shared among jackpot winners in all POWERBALL states. All non-jackpot prizes are set payouts. If funds are insufficient to pay set prizes, non-jackpot prizes may be paid on a pari-mutuel basis and could be lower than the amount shown.

Congratulation to the Florida powerball winners and wish them the best.

Powerball Numbers May 27 2009