Paris Hilton: Mardan Palace Princess

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

Showing up sans boyfriend Doug Reinhardt, socialite Paris Hilton continued her trip around the world with a stop at the launch party for the Mardan Palace at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey on Saturday (May 23).

Coming to the event straight from the Cannes Film Festival, Paris watched on as Mariah Carey, Seal and Tom Jones all performed at the launch of Europe’s most expensive luxury resort on the Turkish Riviera.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if Paris and her beau had quite the embarrassing moment during their recent stay in southern France - as the pair were reportedly kicked off of Elton John and David Furnish’s yacht during a Cannes party.

“David met Paris at the Hotel du Cap and invited her to a party on his friend’s yacht,” a source told a British tabloid. “As soon as Paris arrived she had her tongue down Doug’s throat. Everyone kept saying how inappropriate they were being but Paris didn’t care who was looking. They got so worked up she dragged Doug below deck so they could have some private time.”

The source adds, “But as they were closing the cubicle door so they could tear into each other, they were caught out. David spotted them and the captain was furious. He kicked them off for unsociable behavior. Everyone congratulated the captain.”


LOS ANGELES, California - One of the hottest male stars today, "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, auctioned off a chance at his lips - the opportunity to kiss him - to raise money for the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS charity.

The actor attended the group's 2009 benefit auction in Cannes last night and legendary producer, Harvey Weinstein, surprised Pattinson by putting him on the spot and asking if he would sell a kiss to the highest bidder. Pattinson agreed and two bidders paid 20,000 Euros each for their daughters to smooch the star.


Fitting in a little much-needed relaxation, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were spotted out on Miami Beach on Sunday afternoon (May 24).

With their sister Kim out of town for party hosting duties, the reality star siblings soaked up the rays in their bikinis before hitting the shopping district as TV crews followed along.

Having a wonderful stay in southern Florida, Khloe wrote on her Twitter account: “Memorial weekend is so insane in Miami!!”

The Kardashian gals have been setting up shop in Miami as they continue work on the recently opened Dash boutique.


Top 10 Positive Emotions

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rising unemployment, families are losing their homes, losing your Google Page Rank, dipping affiliate income and stress is ever underfoot. It would be so easy to slip under the waves of fear, depression or just plain anger. So, what to do? The phrase "focus on the positive" is beyond cliché -- but is it?

Positivity: Groundbreaking Research Reveals How to Embrace the Hidden Strength of Positive Emotions, Overcome Negativity, and Thrive
, by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. Truly a genius and pioneer in the field, Dr. Fredrickson has been studying positive emotions in her lab long before it was vogue. Her data reveals that negative emotions, like fear, can close down our ability to function, while positive emotions open us up to possibility, and an increased ability to move forward. Check out Dr. Fredrickson herself describing "Positivity" and why it is so important at this moment in history.

1. Joy

Joy happens in an instant -- a perfect moment captured when all is just exactly as it should be. Think of a wonderful holiday morning with the family, an unexpected present that delights you, or seeing the first smile on your infant's face. What brings you Joy?

2. Gratitude

Gratitude is a moment of realizing someone has gone out of their way for you, or simply feeling overwhelmed with your heart opening, after being moved in some way. With gratitude comes a desire to give in return or 'pay it forward' in some way. When did you last experienced deep Gratitude?

3. Serenity

Serenity is like a mellow, relaxed, or sustained version of Joy. Serenity is a peacefulness that comes on a cloudless day, when you realize there's nothing you have to do. Serenity is indulging in a favorite luxury, and being mindful enough to take it in. Serenity is the moment on vacation when you finally let go. Has Serenity crossed your door lately?

4. Interest

Interest is a heightened state that calls your attention to something new that inspires fascination, and curiosity. Like a shiny new toy to capture your imagination, interest is alive and invigorating. Interest wakes you up, and leaves you wanting more. What Interests you these days?

5. Hope

Dr. Fredrickson describes it best: "Unlike other emotions that arise out of comfort and safety, hope springs out of dire circumstances, as a beacon of light. Deep within the core of hope is the belief that things can change, turn out better. Possibilities exist. Hope sustains you and motivates you to turn things around." The inauguration of President Obama brought me Hope. What brings you Hope?

6. Pride

Ever done something really well that took a little time and effort? Maybe you reached a goal you never thought was attainable? Then pat yourself on the back with unadulterated Pride. Stand back, take that deep breath and let it in -- you earned it. What have you done that made your proud?

7. Amusement

Think of amusement as those delightful surprises that make you laugh. It's those unexpected moments that interrupt your focus and crack you up. It's a great feeling to have amusement sparkle out of the doldrums and instantly change your perspective. Have you had any amusement in your life recently?

8. Inspiration

Inspiration is a moment that touches your heart and nearly takes your breath away -- or takes in your breath, as the word literally translates. Inspiration whispers between the strands of your hair, as you watch a perfect sunset, witness academic or athletic excellence, or observe unexpected triumphs over adversity. What brings Inspiration in your life?

9. Awe

Awe happens when you come across goodness on a grand scale, and you feel overwhelmed by greatness. Awe is triggered when we are faced with the vastness of Nature, or the cosmos. Gazing at the Milky Way and counting the stars, or standing at the top of the Grand Canyon triggers awe. Have you had a moment of awe lately?

10. Love

Guess what? The list is rigged. Actually, the #1 most frequent positive emotion is here at the bottom. Love encompasses all of the above: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration and even awe. Love is all that and more. When we experience love, our bodies are flooded with the "feel good" hormones that reduce stress and even lengthen our lives.

How did you make out on your list? Are you experiencing these emotions on a regular basis, occasionally, or hardly any at all? Most importantly, how can we experience them more often?

Let's try an experiment together. All you need are some sticky notes.

Put each of the ten positive words above on a sticky note. For the next ten days, peel off one at a time, and take that word with you, wherever you go, as your daily "flourishing mission." Put your daily sticky note on your dashboard, in your pocket or on the bathroom mirror. Take in the essence of each word, and try to bring it out in others.


Top 10 highest paid politicians in the world

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

You have heard this before, scandalous politicians, corrupted politicians, mean politicians and sleeping politicians. But above it all, there is nothing like a scandal involving porn films claimed on Commons expenses to focus attention on the pay and perks enjoyed, sorry earned, by our public servants.

Even before Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary of Britain, was forced to apologise for her husband's blue movies there had been calls for the whole system to be overturned. The committee on standards in public life which has promised to report on MP pay and expenses by the end of the year is under pressure to do something radical.

Whenever MPs come under attack over pay they are quick to argue that compared to executives in the private and public sector they are not particularly well paid.

With the G20 leaders in the country we thought it was worth getting a snapshot of how much the highest paid presidents and prime ministers around the world earn. For comparison's sake all earnings have been converted into dollars. It also shows basic annual salary only, not the expenses claimed on top.

So, where does our own Gordon Brown stand?

1. Lee Hsien Loong - Singapore

Salary in dollars - $2.47 million

Salary in local currency - S$3.76 million

2. Donald Tsang Yum-Kuen - Hong Kong

Salary in dollars - $516,000

Salary in local currency - HK$4 million

3. Barack Obama - United States

Salary in dollars - $400,000

4. Brian Cowen - Ireland

Salary in dollars - $341,000

Salary in local currency - €257,000

5. Nicolas Sarkozy - France

Salary in dollars - $318,000

Salary in local currency - €240,000

6. Angela Merkel - Germany

Salary in dollars - $303,000

Salary in local currency - €228,000

7. Gordon Brown - UK

Salary in dollars - $279,000

Salary in local currency - £194,250

8. Stephen Harper - Canada

Salary in dollars - $246,000

Salary in local currency - C$311,000

9. Taro Aso - Japan

Salary in dollars - $243,000

Salary in local currency - Y24 million

10. Kevin Rudd - Australia

Salary in dollars - $229,000

Salary in local currency - A$330,000

From the above fold, the leaders who enjoyed the benefits are Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore and Brian Cowen of Ireland who not only appeared in this Top 10 highest paid leaders in the world, but also have less headache in governing their country due to smaller Cabinet and population. Figure that.


Top 10 Technology Product Failure

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

Here is a list of Top 10 Tech Product Failure in the last decades which either fail to launch or fail to sustain its business operation and go bust. In addition to that, some products incurred millions of dollars in investment but could not turn into profit. On example is YouTube in which Google bought over for USD1.65billion but does not have a proper business model to recoup the investment. With millions of YouTube viewers, Google is still unable to make good money from it.

1. Microsoft Vista

Vista was released worldwide on January 30, 2007. It was the most recent generation of the flagship product of the world's largest software company. Vista was created to improve the security of the most widely used PC operating system in the world. The securities features were not much better than the previous versions of Windows based on most reviews of the software. Vista was also not compatible with a number of older PCs which limited the number of users who were likely to upgrade from the earlier version of Windows, known as XP. Many analysts claim that Vista also ran more slowly on PCs than XP. All of these factors prevented Vista from being viewed as clearly better than its predecessors.

2. Gateway PC

Gateway was founded in 1985 and was one of the most successful PC companies in the US. Its sales quadrupled in 1990. By 2004, it was No. 3 in US market share behind Hewlett-Packard and Dell and had 25% of the retail PC business. But, by 2007 Gateway was in such poor shape that Acer was able to buy it for $710 million. Gateway's failure has been blamed on several things, primarily its reluctance to enter the laptop business. Its share of the desktop business was strong through the early part of the decade, but it did not shift to portable computers as fast as its major competitors did.


HD DVD was one of two formats for high definition DVDs. The other format was Blu-ray. HD DVD specifications were put in place in 2002. Negotiations among consumer electronics companies to have only one product for playing high definition discs ended when there was no consensus about royalties. HD DVD was primarily funded and marketed by Toshiba and NEC and was first released as a consumer product in 2006. When HD DVD was first launched, it had a sales lead over Blu-ray. Industry analysts say that Toshiba lost almost $1 billion supporting the format before abandoning it in 2008. There are a number of reasons that the HD-DVD format lost out to Blu-ray, which was championed by Sony (SNE). The most commonly cited explanation is that Sony did a better job convincing major film studios to release high definition editions of movies for Blu-ray.

4. Vonage VOIP

Vonage was the grandfather of voice-over-IP (VoIP). It is now hardly a footnote in the growth of the industry which is currently dominated by products from cable companies and free services, primarily from Skype, which had 405 million registered users at the end of 2008 and produced $551 million in revenue.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing site in the world. According to comScore, 99.7 million viewers watched 5.9 billion videos on in the US during March 2009. In November 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. There is a fairly good chance that the search company will never get a return on that investment. YouTube has not come up with a model to make money by either selling advertising or charging for premium content, even though it has an a enormous audience and library of content. Most of the video content placed on YouTube is of such low quality that marketers are reluctant to marry it with their messages.

6. Sirius XM

Sirius XM satellite radio was supposed to be one of the most successful consumer electronics devices of all time. A subscriber would be able to listen to more than 100 stations coast-to-coast in either a moving vehicle, or using a portable version of the device. Initially, the service planned to run no commercials. One of the two companies that would eventually be the merged Sirius XM was XM Satellite Radio which launched its service in September 2001. At the end of the year, the company had almost 28,000 subscribers, a figure that jumped to about 350,000 by the end of the 2002 and 5.9 million by the end of 2005. Over this period, the company accumulated hundreds of millions of dollars of debt in order to cover capital expenses, operating deficits, and sales and marketing costs.

7. Microsoft Zune

Microsoft's Zune was launched in November 2006. The world's largest software company believed that it could compete with the Apple (AAPL) iPod, which had been in the market since 2001 and dominated the multimedia player and music download business around the world. Apple had sold well over 100 million iPods, when the Zune was launched. Microsoft was able to get the four largest music labels to sign licensing agreements with the company. Sales were dreadful during the first several months after the launch.

8. Palm Smartphone

Palm produced both a portable wireless device and an operating system for portable hardware devices and desktops. Palm launched its Palm Pilot hardware device in 1996 as a personal organizer. In 1999, it released its Palm V. The Palm Treo smartphone was developed by Handspring which Palm acquired. In the quarter that ended in September 2005, Palm sold 470,000 Treo units, up 160% from the same quarter the year before. At that point, three companies dominated the smartphone market: Palm, Research-In-Motion, maker of the Blackberry, and cell phone giant Nokia (NOK). By the September 2007 quarter, Treo sales had only moved up to 689,000, but sales of the Blackberry hit almost 3.2 million and the newly launched Apple (AAPL) iPhone sold more than a million units during the same period after it debuted on June 29 of that year. Palm, one of the earliest makers of smartphones, was unable to follow up its success in the personal organizer business.

9. Iridium Satellite Phone

Iridium, the global satellite phone company backed by Motorola, filed for bankruptcy in 1999, after the company had spent $5 billion to build and launch its infrastructure of satellites to provide worldwide wireless phone service. At the time, it was one of the 20 largest bankruptcies in US history. To work properly, the system needed 66 satellites. The creation of this enormous system forced the company to default on $1.5 billion of debt. The service had been such a failure that it only had 10,000 subscribers.

10. Segway personal transportation

The Segway two-wheel personal transportation vehicle was launched in 2002. When the product was launched, the head of Segway said it "will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy". Famous venture capitalist John Doerr said that Segway sales might hit $1 billion as fast as any company in history. The company spent about $100 million developing the product. Segway did not understand that its price point, well above $3,000 for most models and $7,000 for some, was too high to draw a mass consumer base.


Top 10 Worst Places to be a Blogger

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

Imagine you are a keen blogger with ideas and expression but unable to blog freely. Bloggers are at the vanguard of the information revolution, and their numbers are expanding rapidly. But some evil governments are quickly learning how to turn technology against bloggers by censoring and filtering the Internet, restricting online access and mining personal data. When all else fails, the authorities simply jail a few bloggers to intimidate the rest of the online community into silence or self-censorship. Yes friend, this still happen in some places in this world.

Top 10 Worst Places to be a blogger:

1. Burma -- also known as Myanmar -- is the worst place in the world to be a blogger. A military government restricts Web access and throws people into jail for posting critical material. Burmese authorities have the capability to monitor e-mail and other communication methods and can block users from viewing the Web sites of political opposition parties.

2. Iran, whose authorities, the group says, regularly detain and harass bloggers who dare to criticize religious or political figures, the Islamic revolution or its symbols.

3. Third is the Syrian government, which detains bloggers for posting content deemed detrimental to "national unity."

4. Cuba is next on the "dishonor roll." Its government now hold in jail 21 writers who led online journalism in the early part of the decade.

5. In Saudi Arabia an estimated 400,000 sites are blocked.

6. In Vietnam the Orwellian-sounding Ministry of Information and Communication has created an agency tasked with monitoring the Internet.

7. Tunisia -- where the Internet is heavily restricted, also find a place on the list.

8. Bloggers from Turkmenistan suffered the same fate as their fellow bloggers from Tunisia.

9. China, which maintains the most comprehensive online censorship program in the world. Chinese authorities rely on service providers to filter searches, block critical Web sites, delete objectionable content and monitor e-mail traffic. At least 24 online writers are in prison in the country.

10. Egypt rounds out the list at number 10. Local press freedom groups in the country documented the detention of more than 100 bloggers in 2008 alone. Most reported mistreatment, and a number were tortured.

The governments on the list are trying to roll back the information revolution, and, for now, they are having success. Freedom of expression groups, concerned governments, the online community, and technology companies need to come together to defend the rights of bloggers around the world. Source: Burma tops list of worst places to be a blogger


Is the money earned from Google AdSense halalor haram? This question probably raised some alert to those Muslim bloggers who have the intention to earn money from the Internet but is skeptical or doubtful if the money making program (in this case, Google AdSense) is halal or haram. If the program is illegal or scam, it is definitely haram. However, there is no known fatwa stating whether Google AdSense ishalal or otherwise.

Now let's refine what kind of ads Google show on its AdSense network. In most cases, Google does not accept pornographic ads, illegal, fraudulent or any kind of hate ads.

Google however, does show ads that involve gambling, cigarettes and alcohols which to the Muslim is haram. Having a haram ads pop-up on an Islamic sites would create havoc or at the very least, some embarrassment.

In addition to that, Google billions dollars revenue are received from it various advertisers whose source of money are also doubtful. For all you know, a gambling tycoon might be spending millions on Google to advertise his new program. And that would make Google money dirty.

So if Google money is dirty or unclean, does that means Google AdSense is haram. So far, not much topics (especially in English) covered this issue. This is compounded by the fact that English-language blogs (or Google for that matter) assumed that the Muslim are not interested in making money from the Internet and Google would want to concentrate more on the greener pasture, that is the US. Most also thought that Muslim blogs are mostly written in Arabic and Google AdSense does not have many Arabs sponsors or advertisers.

Even if Google money is clean or halal, most Muslim bloggers who subscribed to Google AdSense program will only feel comfortable if the advertisers themselves are Muslim. That's hardly the case. Google big chunks of revenue came from the US which includes its advertisers and published. For the time being, we can just continue to assume that the Muslim are desert dwellers and are not keen in roaming in this internet age blogosphere.

But with the camels and the dates getting short in supply (read: global economic slowdown), the Muslim bloggers may just flocks to Google AdSense.


Kim Kardashian continues to frolick the beaches in her bikinis, but for a change, she has finally been caught with her back to the camera. Kinda. Check out these booty shots of Kim Kardashian in a bikini. I think its super hot. But I like those curves. You’d think she could give us a nice full ass shot. Come on…enjoy the Kim K bikini pictures below.


Dakota Fanning’s got nothing on Sasha Grey. At the age of 21, Sasha Grey has appeared in over 150 films. The catch? They’re all adult films. At the age of 18, she moved out to Hollywood with one goal in mind: Become an adult film star. Done and done — she’s one of the biggest names in the business today. Now she can add another kind of film to her resume — she stars in Stephen Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience, playing a high-class Manhattan escort against the backdrop of late 2008’s economic tumble and Presidential election. I watched the film’s screener a couple days ago, and I was genuinely impressed. She’s not a Traci Lords or Jenna Jameson, where any mainstream effort feels unnatural, like a fish out of water. She acts like an actress. She’s a natural. There’s a lot of buzz around this young woman, and rightly so. She’s got the chops to be the first actress to cross over from adult films to a viable mainstream career.

I talked to Sasha around four o'clock, in the middle of an all day press junket. As a previous interviewer tweeted: “Jeez, who didn’t talk to @sashagrey today?” She was exhausted, understandably. “I’ve been up since six,” she says, “and I’m not a morning person. But I’m hanging in there.” Since Sasha’s positioned herself as the “intellectual” porn star — she loves to talk to reporters about existentialism and Jean-Luc Godard and other topics suitably pretentious — I had hoped to spend the second half of the interview grilling her with a spelling bee. Tragically, we ran out of time. Here’s what we did get to:

I’d expected your character in your film to be more like the person you are in interviews. I expected you to be playing yourself. But you’re not – you’re really playing a character here. Were you nervous about whether or not you could make that transition, since you’ve said that in your adult-film work you play yourself?

Yeah, I was really excited and happy to be able to prepare for this character, and I did as much as I could. Obviously, the thing I was nervous about the most would be a) working with Stephen and b) Relaxing in front of the camera. Because it’s so easy to be yourself in front of a camera, but to embody this person and talk the way this person would talk was really difficult for the first three or four days – settling in and getting used to that aspect of it.

Your character in the film is both worldly and, in a lot of ways, also naïve. You came to Hollywood knowing exactly what you wanted to do, and exactly what you were getting into. I’m wondering if it turned out like you expected.

Even better than I expected. Because I was going to porno Hollywood. [laughs] I expected to be in this business for seven or eight years, and direct a few of my own adult films, and kind of make an effect in the inner industry. And that impact, socially and culturally speaking, has gone a lot further than I’d ever expected. And my career and my life has gone even further than I ever would have expected – in a positive direction.

You embrace your sexuality and the outer limits of female sexuality, and you’ve talked about one of your goals being to promote acceptance of female sexuality. Where did that come from? How were you raised with regards to those issues? When did this mission start?

I was the oldest virgin out of all my friends. I was never really able to have an open dialogue with my mother or my sister about sexuality. I was always made to feel so ashamed. I think once I finally started having sex, it was like a light bulb went off, almost. I found it ridiculous that I was made to feel so guilty about the fantasies that I had. In talking to my girlfriends about their sexual experiences, sometimes they would think some of the stuff that I was into was crazy and weird. And I just thought, you know, why should we have to have that outlook on our sexuality? Everybody’s different, and everybody’s allowed to have their own tastes, as long as they’re not hurting anybody.

As you become more of a mainstream figure and a recognizable name, there’s been something of a backlash against you and what you do for a living. A lot of people don’t seem to appreciate or understand what you stand for. Does that hurt you?

No, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. You have to have a strong backbone if you work in the entertainment business, whether it be adult films or not. Everybody’s entitled to their own opinions. You don’t have to subscribe to my opinion and I don’t have to subscribe to yours, and that’s that.

I know you’re interested in getting into music. Tell me more about that.

Yeah, my band ATelecine released an EP in January. We’re also working on a full-length album; it’ll be a ten-inch. It’s all done through a Brooklyn-based label. It’s really experimental in the truest sense, because, true to my character, I try not to repeat things I’ve done in the past in a creative sense. [You can listen to some of their trackshere. She wasn't kidding when she called it experimental.]

So what was it like in school for you? Were you a good student?

I was a good student. I hated school, though. [laughs] I had a lot of friends, I was sort of a pretty good kid. I was sneaky, but I always did what I had to get done. I just hated school.

What were your favorite subjects?

English, definitely. I like to write.


Today, I am excited to announce that I am taking the next step in exploring a possible run for United States Senate. Two weeks ago, I embarked on a listening tour where I had the pleasure of hearing the thoughts and concerns of my fellow Louisianans. These conversations were highly encouraging and convinced me to officially explore the possibility of running for the United States Senate. To this end, I have formed an exploratory committee to gauge Louisianans’ support for my potential candidacy.

I do not take this step lightly. While I have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response my potential candidacy has generated thus far, my decision to run for United States Senate will only be made after I have had the opportunity to discuss this prospect with as many people across the state as possible. Too many in government ignore the voices of those whom they claim to represent. I promise you that I will not.

Forming this committee will allow me to raise the funds necessary to explore a possible run and will provide Louisianans an opportunity to continue sharing with me their concerns and ideas. I invite you to visit and join me in taking this next important step.

In the coming months I will continue my listening tour and am eager to visit western and northern Louisiana. I look forward to discussing further the vital priorities facing our state and nation–including reforming the tax code to a system that rewards, rather than penalizes, success, protecting our children and promoting personal responsibility as an alternative to government intrusion.

Stormy is a Republican (???), and, if she does run, will compete in the Republican primary against incumbent against Sen. David Vitter — the Christian right conservative whose career became mired in the D.C. Madam prostitution scandal of 2007. Her campaign will likely involve, for the most part, reminding the constituency that what she does is at least legal.


Helio Castroneves Wins His 3rd Indy 500
Weeks from being acquitted of tax evasion charges, Helio Castroneves takes the checkers at the Indianapolis 500

INDIANAPOLIS -- At most races, it usually takes a driver a couple of days to bounce back from a disappointing finish.

At the Indianapolis 500, it can take a year to recover. Or a lifetime.

Helio Castroneves won the 93rd running of the great race, followed to the flag by Dan Wheldon and Danica Patrick. But at least six other drivers walked out of Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday night knowing that they could have been the one drinking the milk and cashing the $3 million check.

Minus applicable taxes, of course.

Here's a chronological look at how the would-be contenders eliminated themselves from contention at Indy:

On the 40th anniversary of the Andretti family's lone Indianapolis win, Marco Andretti's day was ruined on the first lap when 20-year-old oval racing novice Mario Moraes pinched Andretti into the Turn 2 wall.

Maybe Marco was being a little too aggressive for the first lap, but Moraes was definitely guilty of some dubious driving. Andretti was certainly not impressed.

"Maybe it's my fault because I should have known who I was racing," he said. "I should have been smarter than that. I'm sitting next to him [on the outside], and he just drives up into me. There was no one in sight of him.

"It's totally disappointing."

"I was in front," countered Moraes, whose seventh-place starting position was the surprise of qualifying. "I was holding my line, and he just hit me. I don't know from where."

Graham Rahal qualified a superb fourth but only made it to Lap 55 before basically duplicating the accident that eliminated him from last year's 500.

He blamed Milka Duno for the wreck that wiped the right side off the No. 02 Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing car.

"She was absolutely clueless," Rahal fumed. "She would go low like she was going to let everybody by, but then she'd go fast enough where you can't get by her. She come out on track and run you real tight. I tried to go half a car width up in [Turn] 4, and it just went straight.

"I'm really upset and disappointed."

Tony Kanaan's streak of leading in seven consecutive Indianapolis 500s came to an end Sunday. The 2004 IndyCar Series champion was running third when he had a bizarre accident on the backstretch.

Kanaan was taken for a rough ride when it appeared his Andretti Green Racing Dallara suffered a component failure in the right rear corner. The car veered sharply to the right into the wall on the back straight, and again clouted the Turn 3 wall a few seconds later.

"I don't know what happened," Kanaan said. "Something broke in the middle of the straightaway and I hit head-on on the wall. I don't think the cameras caught that on the first hit, and then I went for a wild ride.

"I'm just thankful that I can walk back to my motor home."

The Target Chip Ganassi Racing duo of Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti dominated portions of the race, leading a total of 123 laps. But pit stops -- generally a strong point for Chip Ganassi's team -- proved to be a weak area on Sunday.

Franchitti dropped from second to eighth during a yellow-flag pit stop on Lap 134, when he pulled away before the fuel hose was disconnected. Outside front tire changer Kevin O'Donnell appeared to start to wave Franchitti out but hesitated.

Franchitti managed to stop the car before the fuel hose broke, unlike Vitor Meira, who was engulfed in fire during the same round of stops.

Meira continued in the race, but fractured two vertebra in a later accident and Dr. Terry Trammell was scheduled to perform a non-operative procedure on him Sunday night at Indianapolis Methodist Hospital.

Franchitti was only able to regain one position in the last third of the race to finish seventh.

"Everybody has to be flawless to win here, and we had a problem in the pits," Franchitti said. "The Target guys are fantastic on pit lane, normally. They do a great job. But one mistake, unfortunately, is very, very costly. When you get too far back in the pack like we did with that problem with the pit stop, it's tough to get back to the front again."

The result put Franchitti back in the IndyCar Series points lead.

"We'll go back, regroup and try to get ourselves a championship," he said.

Disaster in the pits struck Dixon on Lap 163. He came in third and left seventh.

"We had great stops all day with the Target team, but toward the end there on that last stop, we fumbled," Dixon remarked. "I'm not sure which tire it was [it was the right rear, changed by Blair Julian] but you give up a few seconds here and there, and that's nearly your day. You lose six or seven spots and it's just too tough to pass when everybody at the end is full fuel and trying to go flat out.

"Pretty unfortunate -- I was looking pretty good there for a while."

Team Penske's Ryan Briscoe had an up-and-down day. The Australian led 11 laps but fell a lap down on Lap 65 when he got what he called "a bad set of tires" -- a rare lapse for Firestone in the IndyCar Series.

Briscoe got his lap back and in fact got all the way back up to second place. But that came as the result of short-fueling for track position during the penultimate round of stops, and Team Penske had to bring the No. 6 car in for a splash-and-go late in the race. Briscoe was credited with a 15th-place finish.

"After we got the lead, under the yellow, we put a new set of tires on, and after the restart, I just had nothing there," Briscoe reported. "I had no grip in the front. I thought a tire was going flat. We had to pit, and we went a lap down. From there, it was just catch-up.

"I really thought I had a car to win with, but we just didn't have enough fuel."

Of all the drivers who suffered near misses, Briscoe was at least able to be happy under the circumstances for Castroneves' triumph.

"What a story Helio is," Briscoe said of his teammate. "It's just incredible. It's just unbelievable for him -- a Cinderella story. He's like a newborn kid and on top of the world."

John Oreovicz covers open-wheel racing for National Speed Sport News and


It’s time. After god knows how long since the teaser that shocked the inter-web, the Eastern Conference Final is finally upon us. During the end beginning of the second third fourth quarter of the Eastern Conference Final millions of fans and gamers were left at the edge of their seats with this very Modern Warfare 2 trailer.

“Everyone on the team is laser focused on making the most gripping experience we’ve ever created,” said Infinity Ward’s CEO, Vince Zampella when the title was announced. “No detail is too small and every finishing touch imaginable is underway to make Modern Warfare 2 our best ever. We can’t wait for our fans around the world to play starting November 10th.”


CANNES, France — The last time the French director Gaspar Noé was in the Cannes Film Festival, in 2002, it felt as if a hurricane were approaching. The word in the festival halls was that his “Irrevérsible” included a scene with a nine-minute rape, news that seemed to excite some attendees. As it happens, though the buildup is interminable, the assault is briefer. I know because when I saw the film again for review, I timed it since I wanted something to think about besides the sights and sounds of a woman being brutalized: it was my way of resisting Mr. Noé’s obvious interest in assaulting his audience.

Although he remains dedicated to shaking up viewers, to getting under their skins and into their nervous systems, Mr. Noé has mellowed. Despite its unpromising title, "Enter the Void"his entry at this year’s festival, is an exceptional work, though less because of its story, acting or any of the usual critical markers. What largely distinguishes it, beyond the stunning cinematography, is that this is the work of an artist who’s trying to show us something we haven’t seen before, even while he liberally samples images and ideas from Stanley Kubrick and the entirety of American avant-garde cinema. The grungy milieu and calculated shocks might have been designed to make you flee — even while your attention is tethered to the camera — but, really, these aren’t the point. The point is the filmmaking.

The characters are certainly unmemorable. The main ones are Oscar, a young American (Nathaniel Brown), who lives in Tokyo with his only close relative, his sister, Linda (Paz de la Huerta). He sells drugs, while she dances — though more often decorously droops — at a nightclub adorned with the words money, power and sex, which kind of says it all (or at least sums up the rationale for much of the movie industry). For the first 45 minutes or so, the camera assumes Oscar’s point of view — as if it were lodged on his neck instead of his head — a position that’s rarely used because it’s difficult to sustain since it calls attention to itself. (It’s used almost entirely in the 1946 noir "Lady On The Lake")

And then someone dies. If you don’t want to know who, stop reading. Everyone else: Oscar is shot dead by the cops. Instead of dying, his spirit or something floats above his body, which is now curled around a urinal like a fetus. And it keeps floating higher and higher — or, rather, Mr. Noé’s extraordinarily liberated camera does — hovering above rooms and seemingly passing through walls, only then to fly above the jewel-colored cityscape. And it keeps floating, as Oscar’s memories of his recent past start to collide against memories of his more distant past, particularly his childhood with Linda. His memory fragments make this disembodied character palpable: as they do in life, they help define his horizons and explain who he is and how he came to die.

There’s more, including repeated references to the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the repeated use of a strobe effect that summons up the work of avant-garde filmmakers like Paul Sharits and Tony Conrad. When he’s still alive, if barely living, Oscar smokes some drug that sends him on a hallucinatory trip that Mr. Noé represents, over several sustained and engrossing minutes, with images of gaudily colored, mutating, organic-looking shapes, which, with their long, searching tendrils, resemble menacing underwater flowers. Like the strobe effect (which Kubrick also used in " 2001: A Space Odyssey" a significant influence on this movie thematically and visually), these bright, pulsing floral images affect your actual vision, causing you to blink, tear up, refocus or even look away.

Mr. Noé, in other words, gets into your body, which is something that he has always been interested in since his showy first feature, "Carne" (1991). He wants to unsettle and disturb you, not only in the space between your ears, but in the rest of you, too, so that you feel your heart thumping in your chest and the sweat popping on your temples. Some viewers apparently fainted during “Irrevérsible,” and this movie includes its share of stomach-flipping visuals, notably a graphic abortion and its aftermath. But now he’s using pure cinema and not just cheap exploitation tricks to make an impact.

That said, this being Gaspar Noé, and, as a consequence, given to occasional moments of goofy comedy, the movie also includes a hilarious and perhaps even sui generis image of coitus that expresses just how much he wants to get inside his audience.


Shockey taken from pool party

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey was taken to the hospital after becoming dehydrated near a swimming pool while attending a party with several NFL players in Las Vegas, spokesman Greg Bensel said on Sunday.

After being treated, Shockey was discharged from the hospital, according to Bensel, and appears to be "in good shape now."

The party, called "Rehab," apparently was at the Beach Club Pool at the Hard Rock Cafe Casino, another Saints official said.

Celebrity gossip site first reported that paramedics wheeled Shockey out on a stretcher from the pool party after he was found unconscious Sunday afternoon.

Shockey made the Pro Bowl four times with the New York Giants but was traded to the Saints before last season. He caught 50 passes for career lows in yardage (483) and touchdowns (0) and missed five games with a sports hernia.


ABC is giving actress-comedian Aisha Tyler a chance to join legendary hosts like David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey by giving Tyler her own talk show pilot, which is set to begin production soon.

Aisha Tyler, who has been on numerous talk shows such as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Last Call with Carson Daly is going to have her chance to ask the questions since ABC has chosen her to host a talk show pilot for their network.

According to an article in Hollywood Reporter, “‘The Aisha Tyler Show’ is described as a hybrid that will incorporate aspects of a traditional talk show with comedic political commentary, produced comedy segments and other elements usually associated with late-night shows.”

The show is attempting to reach a younger audience, which is why fans and viewers of the show will be able to communicate with Tyler through popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Hollywood Reporter article states, “The pilot is being produced by ABC Media Prods. (formerly Buena Vista TV), which develops and produces nonscripted original programming or syndication and cable.”

There have been rumblings that the project is being slated for placement in ABC’s afternoon schedule, which airs the soap operas, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. But, ABC sources strenuously attest that Tyler is being targeted solely for syndication and cable.

Production on The Aisha Tyler Show is slated to begin soon and ROAR will be the show’s executive producer.

The actress-comedian recently appeared in the Adam Sandler comedy, Bedtime Stories, as well as on her recent Comedy Central special, “Aisha Tyler Is Lit: Live at the Fillmore.” Tyler is currently wrapping up her U.S. stand-up tour.

The Hollywood Reporter article closes with information on her next project, “[Tyler] will write, direct and star in a series of webisodes for Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s”


While the critics agreed overwhelmingly that Un Prophete was the best film in Cannes, the 2009 Palme d'or went to Michael Haneke's The White Ribbon, amid strong applause from the French and German contingent in the press. Since the head of the jury was Isabelle Hubert and she scored one of her major triumphs by starring in Haneke's brilliant, corrosive The Piano Teacher (for which she won Best Actress at Cannes), it perhaps shouldn't have been a surprise.

Un Prophete received the Grand Jury Prize, ie. the runner-up award. Charlotte Gainsbourg deservedly nabbed the Best Actress award for her primal turn in Lars Von Trier's Anti-Christ while Christoph Waltz got Best Actor for his star-making turn in Quentin Tarantino's WW II flick Inglourius Basterds. The Best Screenplay award went to China's Spring Fever, Best Director went to the Phillipine's Brillante Mendoza for Kinatay and a tip of the hat -- the Prixe Exceptionnel du Jury -- went to the great Alain Resnais who had his first film in decades appear in Competition. The third runner-up award -- the Prix du Jury -- was split between UK's Fish Tank and Korea's vampire flick Thirst. And the Camera d'or for best first feature went to the highly accomplished Warwick Thornton for his Aussie drama Samson & Delilah.

The Oscars have nothing on Cannes for brevity and wit and fun. The remaining press corps tumbles into a side theater while the black tie audience numbering in the thousands fills the main theater, the Lumiere. In about 50 minutes, all the awards are handed out, with the press corps hooting and booing the choices it disapproves of and clapping loudly for its favorites. Strong boos greeted Thirst, but they were drowned out moments later by even stronger boos for Mendoza as the Best Director of the fest. While some agreed his film Kinatay was a step forward from Serbis, it was widely panned nonetheless. The muddled Chinese gay flick Spring Fever might have deserved recognition for daring (the director bended the rules just to get the film made and it broaches the taboo topic of homosexuality with frankness) or acting or cinematography but the one area it probably didn't deserve notice was its weak and cliched screenplay.

Terry Gilliam had fun when he was brought out to hand over the Best Director award: he pretended he had won and started making all his thank yous and then broke down in tears when the truth was told. But probably the most popular award of all among the journalists was to Waltz for his mesmerizing turn as the "Jew hunter" in Tarantino's Inglourius Basterds. Tarantino says he came to believe he'd written a role impossible to cast and despaired of finding an actor who could speak five languages with aplomb until Waltz strolled in right before they were going to pull the plug on the film. Fittingly, he gave his thanks in English, French and German.

Perhaps the best-reviewed film of the fest was Romania's Police, Adjective, which was in Un Certain Regard. But it didn't even win that category, whose top prize went to Dogtooth, another admired film. The Critics' Week winner was Farewell, Gary. And Xavier Dolan's I Killed My Mother dominated the Directors Fortnight, winning three top prizes.

I also saw four movies on the final day of the fest:

SPRING FEVER ** (out of four) -- I stayed with this gay drama longer than most of my fellow critics did, I believe. It was interesting just to see drag bars and punk bars in China and fascinating to see how a gay person might stand out while walking down the street but still not be pegged as "gay" because such a concept is so thoroughly stifled in that country. Unfortunately, what's not stifled is melodrama. A married man has a passionate romance with a boyfriend who is clearly gay because he wears a jaunty scarf everywhere and walks with a certain elan. The suspicious wife has them followed by a straight guy, who promptly falls for the gay lover after the wife confronts the man at work and drives him out of their lives. Then the private eye's girlfriend (or wife, it's not quite clear) gets wind of THEIR romance and takes matters into her own hands. It's just a plot twist too much, with a subplot about an off the books factory that's raided by the police adding to the confusion. I was thrilled that -- while people died for love -- they didn't die because they hated being gay. But only gay audiences and Asian cinema specialists will find this worth slogging through. Director Lou Ye's films remain more interesting for their political daring than their substance.

IN THE BEGINNING ** -- Based on a true story, it follows a con man let out of prison who starts tracking down construction sites and then -- posing as a rep for the site -- bilking local stores out of equipment rentals and selling the machinery off for a quick buck. Quite unexpectedly, he stumbles on a really big site that hasn't happened. A small town still hasn't recovered from the day construction on Highway 61 was abruptly halted two years earlier. Just the presence of our anti-hero as a rep of the construction firm sends everyone from the beautiful female mayor down to the maid in the local hotel into nervous hope. Slowly but surely, the con man switches from building up a pile of kickback money for an easy getaway into a man determined to get the highway finished and everyone paid off so at least he can claim he did something with his life. It unfolds just as you'd expect, with no surprises and no revelation that might win your sympathy. Decently done, but unabsorbing.

VISAGES ** -- Tsai Ming-Liang delivers his latest series of mournful vignettes, this time devoted to a movie shoot. A director is filming Salome in a Paris museum and along the way we see parents of crew members breathe their last, romances blossom, actors trudge behind the scenes with laborious costumes or lugging a deer's head and so on. Some of them work beautifully, such as the personal assistant who walks into his kitchen to get a glass of water and suddenly faces a burst pipe that grows worse and worse and worse with hilarious results. But the set-up of the film is unnecessarily vague: I knew that it was about a director filming Salome on location because I glanced at the press notes; otherwise I might still be scratching my head. Tsai undeniably has a vivid eye but this one is very hard going.

COCO CHANEL AND IGOR STRAVINSKY * 1/2 -- Respectably muted, this film is based on a novel about Coco Chanel's affair with composer Igor Stravinsky. It begins with a riot at the premiere of Stravinsky's "Le sacre du Printemps," which should provide solace to all the Cannes directors like Von Trier and Gasper Noe who got booed at THEIR premieres. Their movies weren't bad: they're just misunderstood geniuses. It's all downhill from there: with nary a word spoken between them, Coco and Igor are suddenly making love non-stop at her country villa, never mind that the house is bursting with Igor's ailing wife and four children. Why should that stop them from mounting each other in the middle of the day in the study, which has gigantic bay windows looking out onto the gardens where the children play? Don't be bourgeois and suggest this is unrealistic. Igor's wife asks Coco at one point if she ever feels shame. "No," says Coco and that about sums it up. It would be nice to say this amoral indifference to others was fun, but it isn't. Coco merely slinks through rooms with all the panache of the model that actress Anna Mouglalis was for years (for Chanel, actually). He composes great music, she creates Chanel No 5 and history is made! Just not cinematic history.


In the Army, There's No Form to Verify Love

So much now depends on the ring. For Kyle Harper, there are few other signs remaining of the life she should have had with her fiance. For the longest time, she kept the diamond engagement ring on her finger. It proved what the world at times refused to acknowledge: that she had mattered to Sgt. Michael Hullender.


Two major pieces of news from Elixir Pharmaceuticals today: first, the Cambridge, MA-based drug maker has just completed a $12 million round of equity financing led by MPM Capital, which joins current investors ARCH Venture Partners, Oxford Bioscience Partners, the Omega Fund and Physic Ventures. Kenneth Greenberg from MPM Capital will join Elixir’s Board of Directors.

Second, and potentially far more important, Elixir has granted Swiss drug giant Novartis the option to acquire the entire company following the completion of Phase IIa clinical studies of an oral diabetes drug Elixir has been developing. The drug, a “ghrelin antagonist,” interacts with hormones that regulate appetite and glucose and lipid levels in the body. If the drug turns out to be an effective way to control Type 2 diabetes, the Elixir compound could become an important asset for Novartis, which withdrew its application for FDA approval of its last big diabetes drug, vildagliptin (Galvus), last summer.

A sale of the company to Novartis could also provide a nice ending for Elixir, which has weathered unexpected difficulties since its creation in 1999. Founded by MIT biologist Leonard Guarente, the company focused for many years on researching drugs that might extend lifespan and treat metabolic diseases by manipulating a gene called Sir2. But a strong competitor emerged on the Sir2 front in the form of Cambridge, MA-based Sirtris, and Elixir’s main commercial focus gradually shifted to a pair of diabetes drugs, mitiglinide (Glinsuna) and metiglinide with metformin (Metgluna), that it licensed from a Japanese manufacturer and that may be submitted for FDA approval this year. Guarente left Elixir in 2006 and eventually joined Sirtris (which went on to be acquired by GlaxoSmithKline).

To fuel its ongoing diabetes research, Elixir hoped to raise $86 million in a planned initial public offering announced in late 2007. But the IPO was postponed in January 2008 and canceled in May 2008 in response to unpromising market conditions.

Now Elixir and its investors have another shot at an exit. The Novartis purchase option will kick in if the company can show the worth of its new ghrelin blocker in the Phase IIa clinical trial. At that point, a planned initial payment and additional milestone payments based on regulatory and sales milestones could bring Elixir more than $500 million, the company said in its announcement.


Coca-Cola 600 Is Postponed by Rain

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

CONCORD, N.C., May 24 -- The rain showers that spoiled so many holiday weekend barbecues throughout the Southeast on Sunday also put the brakes on NASCAR's longest race of the year, the Coca-Cola 600, before a single lap was run.

Moments after the 43 drivers were introduced to the near capacity crowd at Lowe's Motor Speedway, the dark skies erupted, drenching the 1.5-mile superspeedway.

With rolling bands of showers forecast throughout the evening, track officials made only cursory efforts to dry the asphalt before announcing at 8:30 p.m. that the race would be postponed until Monday at noon.

Marcus Smith, president and general manager of Lowe's Motor Speedway, was met with groans and a smattering of jeers as he broke the news to the crowd of more than 140,000 -- most of whom had waited since early afternoon to watch pole-sitter Ryan Newman lead the field of stock-car racing superstars at the drop of the green flag.

Smith explained that track workers simply wouldn't be able to get the surface dried in time to run the race to its conclusion.

The Coca-Cola 600 typically drones on for 4 1/2 hours. Like all NASCAR races, it can be declared officially over in the case of rain as long as at least half the stated distance -- in this case, 200 of 400 laps -- has been completed.

Even a few raindrops are enough to scuttle NASCAR races because the cars' tires don't have any treads.

Fox will broadcast Monday's running of the event, at noon.

But the complexion of the event will surely change.

This year marks the 50th running of NASCAR's lone 600-miler. And a golden-anniversary celebration was staged for the occasion, with past 600 champions such as Richard and Kyle Petty, Bobby and Donnie Allison, Buddy Baker and Marvin Panch, introduced during pre-race festivities.

When the green flag drops Monday, track conditions will have changed radically, with Sunday's rain having washed the accumulated tire rubber from the track, which will alter the cars' handling.

"This will really have everyone scratching their heads, that's for sure," said 2004 NASCAR champion Kurt Busch.

It was the first time in the event's history that rain forced a postponement. The inaugural running, originally scheduled for May 20, 1960, was postponed three weeks because of construction delays at the speedway.

While Sunday's rainout botched drivers' plans for a leisurely Monday, Busch said he felt especially bad for the fans.

"The weather has put a kink in a lot of plans," Busch said, "but we shouldn't forget what this holiday is really all about. It's Memorial Day, and it's those brave men and women we need to keep in mind. When you think about the big picture, we all have it pretty good, don't we?"


Susan Boyle, the frumpy spinster turned global singing sensation has gone through to the finals of Britain's Got Talent.

In what was perhaps the least surprising decision of the night, members of the public picked her renditon of 'Memory' from the musical 'Cats' as the best of the eight performances vying for a place in next Saturday's final.

The church volunteer with the untamed hair danced a hip-wiggling little jig when she heard the result, and shouted 'Piersy baby' to Piers Morgan, one of the show's three judges.

Wearing a bronze beaded dress, and with her hair and eyebrows under slightly more control than in her first performance at the auditions last month, Ms Boyle at first appeared nervous as she began singing, but quickly overcame the jitters to give a powerful performance.

The judges joined the audience in a standing ovation and showered her with praise.

Piers Morgan told her: "Susan I thought you looked absolutely beautiful tonight. When the world was going through a pretty tough time along came Susan Boyle to provide it. Thank you Susan."

Simon Cowell apologised for poking fun at her when she first walked on stage for last month's audition and told her: 'You are one special lady, you really are."

Amanda Holden said: "I'm so proud that you represented Britain so well."

She told the audience: "All my life I've driven to prove myself. That I'm not just this little woman from Scotland.

"I just want that chance to perform in front of the Queen," - referring to the final prize, a chance to perform in the Royal Variety Show.

The 48-year-old, who lives alone with her cat Pebbles in Blackburn, insisted she had not felt nervous. "What pressure?" she said. "It was really good tonight. 'I've enjoyed every second. And I'd do it again."

Over 12 million people were expected to tune into ITV to watch the highly anticipated performance by Scotland's most famous - and most unlikely - singing sensation.

At least 60 million people people have viewed her first performance - of 'I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables - on Youtube and she has made appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show and Good Morning America.

She is due to record an album with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra and a place is being prepared for her in a West End show and a line of Susan Boyle dolls is in production in America.

“Until six weeks ago, the tube I knew of was a tube of Smarties,” she said recently. “I’ve been overwhelmed by the public reaction.”

Also through to the final are the Essex street dancing troupe, Diversity.

Bookmaker William Hill has madeMs Boyle a runaway favorite to win on May 30.


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Preserving the Hustle: Homage Clothing

Posted by Cik Apple | Sunday, May 24, 2009

Homage jumped off with licensure to market Ohio State Buckeyes gear a couple of years ago. Since, the clothing troupe has far outpaced its quiet Midwestern roots (Ohio to be exact) by offering brand new “aged” t-shirts fresh off the press that reference bygone popular culture mantras, expired ballplayers and fallen politicians.

The brand has blown up with fashion-conscious cats in Japan, but admittedly, U.S. heads have been a little slow to recognize.

Pistol Pete: Press Maravich–”I gave him the fundamentals, but the between-the-legs, behind-the-back, blind stuff Pete does, I never even thought of that.” Don’t forget about the hair, Poppa Press.

Detroit: Straight from the website–“According to a 1984 Time Magazine article, guns came close to ranking as household appliances in Detroit, with an estimated 1.5 million firearms in a city of only 1.2 million people.”

World B. Free: With Free on board with k1x, the World B. movement is in full swing. Chalk up this gold/burgundy affair as another win for the Brownsville native.

Elevator Ernie Johnson: Ernie Johnson coordinates TNT’s award winning “Inside the NBA” with analysts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. Johnson’s unlikely ups provide inspiration for this tee. Don’t believe me? (A portion of this shirt’s proceeds benefits The Lymphoma Research Foundation.)

White Men’s Cant Jump: Rosie Perez, lackluster hoops action, an unbelievable day of “Jeopardy!”, and Rosie Perez.

Moses Malone: A note to religious pundits: Moses was black. Malone delivered an NBA Championship to the City of Brotherly Love under his “Fo’, Fo’, Fo’” manta.

Jesse Jackson, President ‘84: Jesse’s been around for a while now.

Let Them Eat Jellybeans: The backbone to Reagan’s voodoo economics wasn’t his degree from Eureka University or a staunch cabinet of advisers. Rather, it was the glass jar of assorted jellybeans he kept on his desk, encouraging visitors to dip in and enjoy a handful.


We're gonna apologize in advance for posting these pics of Paris and Doug just a few pieces of fabric away from doin' the nasty right before your bleeding eyes. But we just couldn't help ourselves.

You see, P & D are still in Cannes, taking their PDA show on the road and profusely rubbing it in all our pupils. You know what's feeding this, don't you? Everyone's watch our darling Rob Pattinson instead of Pare-poo…

So this is the quasi-graphic result. I mean, it's too much, really, First, Paris pretends she doesn't know who in the world heartthrob leader R. Pattz is, and now she's just trying to take everybody's panting eyes off the far fresher headliner! What a dirty girl, indeed.

Now, if there were a live stage version of Paris' sex tape, this would be the dress rehearsal, gotta say. Any alleged sexiness that could have transpired between these two totally goes out the window with the cheesy sloppiness the spoiled brats seep out of their pores. Parey must be making up for all that lost time she spent dating Benji, cooking dinner, making herself less of a sleazy, dancing punch line. Doug's excuse? Doesn't need one!

What did the French ever do to you, Pare, to deserve this peep show? The country gave you your name! Have some respect!


How did Lindsay Lohan get to The Other Side?

Following in Katie Holmes' footsteps, apparently.

David Michaels, who will be directing Lohan in the long-gestating fantastical comedy tells E! News that Lohan's role was originally intended for Tom Cruise's missus, and that before she opted out Holmes had given him quite a bit of input on her character.

"Katie would call me from Berlin at 4 a.m. her time to go over ideas and notes," said Michaels, who also cowrote the script. "We did this over successive weeks while she was there with Tom when he was filming Valkyrie. The result of our collaboration has tremendously improved the arc and dynamic of the lead character."

But when the funding for the indie production temporarily fell through, Holmes moved on and ultimately committed to her Broadway role in All My Sons, leaving Michaels without a leading lady.

Lohan is on board now, and here's hoping her interpretation of the character meshes with what Michaels has been envisioning for so long.

"At the end of the day, it's really all about delivering something remarkable that translates to the big screen, so the real work for us is still ahead," he said.

"Lindsay's very aware of people's perceptions of her," Michaels told Daily Variety earlier this month. "She's really committed to doing what she has to in order to change that."

Added producer Kent Harper: Lohan will be fully insured when cameras start rolling.

Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Jason Lee, Alanis Morissette and Dave Matthews, who has penned six original songs for the film, also star in the down-the-rabbit-hole comedy about a grad student who goes to spend her summer doing research on a remote island, where she discovers a community of eccentrics who share a secret.